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Smart Digit

This Lisbon based software company pioneers in developing apps, integrations and major platorms like ERP and remote management applications.


Update the identity and design a functional website which is expandable and encompasses not only information about their services but also offers the chance for e-commerce transactions directly on the platform.


The identity reflects a business which offers all-in-one personalised solutions to businesses of any size, and located in any country.


Futura Bold




Roboto Regular


In designing the new identity for Smart Digit, it was important to preserve the blue hues from the old logo, and incorporate them in a refreshing and down-to -earth manner, which also combines well with the human element that the new brand strategy has adopted.

Prototyping and Iteration

As complex as tech information sometimes gets, it can be easily structured and made appealing by dividing it into themed sections with call-to-actions.


In designing a website for Smart Digit, it was important to preserve the ease of navigation and user experience across all media and devices.
Smart Digit is about consistency, professionalism and security, and the website had to convey the same message. ⟶