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Roger Mac

Lisbon based designer and photographer, creating a difference through his work towards conservation and social design.


Design an identity with no symbol that is unbiased and can be used across any digital media, and create a website to showcase visual work in video and photography.



Choosing an identity for a multi-disciplined artist wasn’t an easy job, but worked out by using our human-centred approach, where we came to the conclusion that the best logo would be absent of graphic elements that identify any particular activity, and is centred around the artist himself.

Making use of space

The website makes use of all available space to fill users with awe and excitement as they browse though engaging high quality visuals.


Roger Mac is highly influenced by nature and it’s raw colors, and so it was rather obvious that the inspiration for colorimetry would be based on the most predominant and repetitive colors in his work.

Colors were picked from deserts oceans, jungles and the African veld. 


Museo Sans


Museo Sans


Museo Sans


Big visuals on small media

When the main goal of the website is to engage the audience with high-quality imagery, it’s just as vital to carry the same goal across all screen sizes, to create a compelling experience for everyone to enjoy. ⟶

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