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Digital Native Studio

Our very own branding is something we take pride in, and for that reason, we display it in our own portfolio.


Design an identity and develop a matching website where clients can find information about our modus operandi, and the type of projects that we develop.



Digital Native does work that multilayered and multidisciplinary. And it’s important to convey a complex message in it’s most simple and understandable form. And that’s why we chose to follow simple.


Volte Semi Bold


Volte Medium


Volte Medium

Colorimetry and textures

Digital Native Studio is all about creating projects that co-exist with the natural world, so it became evident that the colors would be chosen according to natural elements, such as earth, water and trees, used in combination with natural textures like topography and tree rings.

Prototyping and Iteration

The website would need to show most of the skillset Digital Native has to offer. And using killer design, which is clean, sober and sharp to show it.


Sharp on every screen

Sharpness and consistency is one of the best virtues of the website you’re looking at.

It looks uniform and well balanced on every screen. And capable of displaying external media in a user experience that takes everyone by surprise.